My first weblogentry in english 22. February 2005 um 03:03 Uhr /

So here we are Sweden, my first weblogentry in English so you Swedish people are able to read it too. As I said in many comments before I'll try to write in English more and more so in two years here is mostly English content. I know that my English is not the very best but that is a challenge for me, yet my Swedish is even worse ;-).

So lets see what happened last weekend, we had a big housewarming party, I brought 30l of German Beer and 12l wine so we had much to do. My wife has invited some people and they brought their friends and so on.

At first it was very difficult to me to talk to this people but after three or four beer and more I was able to speak fluently Swedish :-). It was really cool that this people took the time I needed to think about this new words and waited patient so I could finish my sentence.

This Swedish are in general really relaxed people and they come to you and start talking with you. In Germany it is complete different. There you have to come to them with a interesting story if you want to talk to them. It could be that it is so only in Frankonia where I come from but I don't know exactly. So I was little surprised how simple you get in contact here – even if you are an alien.

We talked mostly about music, beer, badminton, family life and work. Apropos work, I'm looking for a job here in Varberg so if you need a new website or some help with a redesign or something like that, so please let me know.

I wonder what will happen in the next months here. The first thing I know is that I can do a Swedish for immigrant course. Tomorrow I'll have my first interview with them. There will be someone from the employment agency too. With them we can see what sort of practical speech training I could do here in a firm based in Varberg. It doesn't matter to me what I have to do, but I want a job where I'm with people all the time so I can learn this Swedish language as soon as possible.

So keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well that means that I get a job as soon as possible and can find some people I can make music with.


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