Opera repairs msdn pages 26. June 2005 um 01:49 Uhr /

Looking for some information about Microsofts createRange() for IE I accidentally visited the msdn page. Working with some of my JavaScript's I had Opera's JavaScript console opened and saw this notice:

Opera has modified the JavaScript on msdn.microsoft.com. See browser.js for details

I was really surprised so I opened my browser.js immediately. Besides other pages which were »repaired« by Opera's JavaScript there also was a really big function for the msdn page. It seems like Opera is trying to repair the broken msdn page with help of JavaScript. Here are some of the comments it added to the script:

  • Fixing MSDN
  • Problem: very IE-centric scripting, excludes other browsers with sniffing
  • remove the need for a minimum version number
  • fix invalid CSS declarations - puts the top border on the tabs
  • CSS in dynamically generated style tags is ignored (it should not be inside a table anyway) - makes the tabs look right
  • remove the browser detects that block Opera from running the scripts
  • stop them serving styles to Opera that spoil the effect

I found a description on Opera's homepage (Browser JavaScript Explained) which explains how the whole thing works.

Browser JavaScript is a feature that allows Opera to automatically fix incompatible Web pages, out of date scripts, and pages that inadvertently block Opera.

Opera automatically checks for updates to Browser JavaScript once every week. Any updates will be automatically downloaded and applied the next time a page is loaded in Opera.

It was just introduced in Opera 8.01. It could of course be used for good and bad reasons, but it is a very new and interesting way to provide a better browsing experience for Opera users. An interesting question is, will Microsoft start playing a cat and mouse game with Opera by changing their code to have some fun with Opera's corrective JavaScript?


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