Lots of work, no time for writing 12. March 2005 um 11:23 Uhr /

I was snowed under with work last week, so I wasn't even able to think about a new weblog entry. But I've done a lot of work and learned a lot about adapting designs to WordPress templates, database design and different web services like MyBlogLog.

Broke Kid

Screenshot of brokekid.net

At first I proudly present to you: http://brokekid.net, which is a weblog and wiki by Scott Stadum in Guyana. My regular readers know who he is. Until now he posted his thoughts on Blogger. In the near future I'll install a picture publishing system there, too, but I don't know which is easy to adapt to the design and at the same time rich in features. Any hints?

I've created the design and made a WordPress theme out of it. It wasn't that easy because WordPress has only unordered lists as output for the sidebar and I needed something different. But the most difficult thing was to find a wiki that I could adapt to the blog design. After having searched and read for some hours I found MicroWiki which is something like a plugin for WordPress. As far as I can see it works fine after some adaption work but the outputted source code is not valid as it is with WordPress.


I've tested MyBlogLog the last week on three weblogs and got different results. I think it is a cool service but with huge websites like mine it is very slow and confusing. Users have to wait some period of time to connect the MyBlogLog server which is definitely too long for me.


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