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I have a problem. Every once in a while I want to print out something. But it is only one thing every forth month or so and then it is just one A4 paper.

My father has an ink-jet printer and every time he wants to print out something – he doesn't use his often either – he has to buy a new cartridge with ink, because the old one has dried out, which costs a notable amount of money. So even if a ink-jet is quite cheap the per page cost explodes if you just print something just now and then.

A laser printer doesn't have the problem with dried-up ink. But all of them cost really much money so it isn't an option for me who just wants to print out 5 A4 papers a year.

When I was young, I had a wire matrix printer. I was really happy with it. It didn't have the dried out ink problem. Even if the printing quality wasn't the best, was better then good enough for just text. But I don't think you can buy such ones anymore, or can you?

Often I have to print out something, sign it and post it as a letter. So all the online-printer-services are not really optimal solutions for me.

Yeah I could go to the public library and print out what I need, but I never do. Every time I pass it by I think about it but didn't prepare what I want to print and didn't load up it on a server, a pen drive or emailed it to myself.

So do you know a solution to my problem?


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